Springbrook Sprint Race Report!

What a day! I have to be honest…I wasn’t even planning on doing this race at the beginning of the season.  I had never done it before or really heard anything about it.  Then Fleet Feet announced their Grand Prix series and this was the third of four races.  I put it on the schedule but still didn’t look into it very much.  Well, I am SO glad that I did!  Around 285 people showed up for the race and it was one of the most organized and well ran races I have ever been in.  Well, to the report!

Overall: 47:04.  6th of 285.  1st of 11 in my age group.

Pre-race:  I woke up a little later than usual. I had my peanut butter bagel and cup of coffee, loaded the car, and it was off to the race. I usually get to transition a little after 6:00 and grab the end spot on a rack.  I got there around 6:20 this time and luckily my dad gave me the end spot on the rack.  We won’t make this mistake again…it’s better to get there early and have your end spot than to deal with cramming bikes in the rack 10 minutes before the race starts.  Anyway…we went over to the pool and got a few hundred meters in to warm up. Race time!

This dude is ready to swim.

The Swim: 200 yards – 2:57    12/285

Can you find Waldo (Me)?

Here is a hint.

That was Ashley’s idea…she is so funny!

This was a time trial start and eight lengths of a 25 yard pool.  As we were standing in line waiting to start, someone pointed out that the girl that was about to start the swim first was an Olympic swimmer from the Athens games!!  I was pretty star struck.

She actually just got the second best swim split…but the dude who had first is in my age group and is ALWAYS up front on the swim. I’m postive she could have smoked us all if she wanted to.

My swim went well.  I had to pass a guy that seeded himself a little too high…I can’t blame him though.  I have done the same thing.  There was a LONG run to transition on this one.

Transition 1: 1:28

This time includes the 200 yard run to transition, so I am pretty happy with it.  A lot quicker than usual.  I can still make up about 10-20 seconds with a Garmin I don’t have to put on after the swim and shoes already clipped in.

The Bike: 8.8 Miles – 24:10   5/285

I hammered the bike as hard as I could.  I held just under 22 mph average.  I was trying to hang with a couple of guys that I know are quicker on the bike with me, but as usual, they were able to get about a minute on me.  I have been racing the guys that got 1st and 2nd in races all season and was able to talk to them after the race. They really boosted my confidence about getting a little gear to make it easier on me.  I didn’t have my aero helmet for this race and still need to get some race wheels.  Hopefully with these additions I will be able to keep up with the big boys! In the end…I can’t really complain about the 5th best bike split.  Even though I couldn’t keep up with the top guys, I am still getting faster on these hilly courses!

Transition 2: 0:37

Really happy with this time.  Right up there with the winners on time.

The Run: 2.8 Miles – 17:54    9/285

I’m really happy with this time!  I got SUPER winded a little under a mile into the race because I came out running sub 6:00 miles and there were a couple of good hills at the beginning.  It was just a bit too fast for the hills.  It seemed like forever until I was able to catch my breath settle back into a nice pace. I eventually did and it felt good to run around 6:15’s and not feel like I was dying!  The speed work I have been doing is really paying off.  I pushed the pace hard to come in 6th overall.  I think I was third to cross the line, but I started pretty high in the swim.  A couple of guys that started further back on the swim had lower overall times than me.

I ended up getting 1st in my age group which I am super pumped about!  It turns out the old man got first in his age group, too!  He is still picking up speed and I am super proud of him. Head over to his blog and read his race report!


I have two more races on the schedule.  I am doing an Olympic distance on August 25th and a half-ironman on September 30th.  It’s time to start putting in some serious miles!
Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Springbrook Sprint Race Report!

  1. Yeah! You are so awesome. Super proud of you. I will deliver you a super speedy helmet this weekend. Can’t wait to see you in the conehead.

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